Woodlot Forestry Services Ltd
Our fields of expertise include:

  • GIS based mapping, large and small. We are fully experienced in mapping tasks ranging from 10 ha Site Plans to 300,000 ha landscape analyses. Excellent cartographic design for clarity and usability is our specialty.

  • Preparation of Woodlot Licence planning documents and maps.

  • Data analyses. Need something done with data that is outside your skill set? We can do it!

  • Data conversion. If you have data trapped in one format that you need in another, send us an email. We can probably help!

Site issues: My ISP had a meltdown and trashed this site.
(I know: How could you trash something this primitive? Hey, the lack of glitz is a fashion statement!)
They restored from backup, but what got restored is NOT what was there before the meltdown.
If you find a broken link or missing document, PLEASE tell me so I can fix it.

Woodlot ESF Submission Software, a.k.a WLGML? It is here.

QGIS Ortho images to your phone? Here.

Woodlot Federation 2017 Fire Threat Analysis on Woodlots has been moved to archive.
It was based on a Provincial PSTA data set that is long superceded.
Contact Tom if you want a copy of the old maps for any WL Association area.

Woodlot Forestry Services Ltd
Box 125
Winlaw, B.C. V0G 2J0
(250) 226-7792


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